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How taxis matched technology with convenience

Eurest | Great service |  06 July 2017

A taxi sign.

Here’s what Uber and Lyft can teach us all about how to drive great service in business.

Tech takes taxis to the next level

Imagine you’re caught in the rain. It’s horrible — you’re a long way from home and drenched from top to toe. What do you do? (A) Walk. (B) Bus. (C) Black cab (or your local equivalent).

Today, the likely answer is none of the above. Why? Because you’re probably already on your phone ordering an Uber or a Lyft.

These new services make getting a ride home (or anywhere) easy. You simply order a car from your phone, pay for it on your phone, and let your phone tell the driver where to pick you up.

The easy way to get from A to B

People around the world have fallen in love with this service, and here are the three reasons we think why:

• No waiting — your car drives specifically to pick you up, wherever you are.

• Cost-certainty — you’re told before you book how much it’ll cost and the money gets taken from your registered card.
• Your choice of driver — drivers are rated by other customers, so you can choose one you like the sound of.

Boil it down, and it’s all about creating a great service that suits each and every person that uses it. These are services that are tailored to the individual — that’s what’s made them so successful.

Giving consumers what they want

There’s a comparison here to the workplace. At work, people want the quickest, most convenient way to get the food they love.

That’s why our restaurants are such a hit. They offer peckish workers:

• A service they don’t have to wait for (we’re very efficient).

• A service where they know they’ll get the best value.
• A service where they’ll get a great amount of choice of food and drink.

See the similarities?

Avoid being taken for a ride — discover the most convenient way to get great service at work.


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