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How the carrot cake became an international treasure

Eurest | Local presence |  02 February 2017

A close up image of a carrot cake.

With National Carrot Cake Day just around the corner, we look at how a local delicacy can become a big deal around the world.

A national treasure

Carrot cake is one of Britain’s best-loved treats. Rich, dense and full of flavour, it’s a cake that’s a firm favourite for many. (Not to mention those who just love the creamy frosting!)

It’s a cake with an interesting history, too. Carrots were first used as a sweetener back in medieval times. And this was when one clever cook first thought to put them in puddings to create a sweeter flavour.

It took rationing during WW2 to bring this tasty trick back into kitchens around the country though. And it was around then that the carrot cake hit the big time.

Cake that’s intercontinental

Because so many luxury items (sugar included) were under strict rationing, the UK Government shared recipes, to help people make the most of the food they could access. And one of these was for carrot cake.

The idea was to popularise carrots, and get people to see them as sweet, tasty and nutritious ingredients that could be used in both dinners and desserts.

In fact, the Government’s campaign worked so well, it even went international. Carrot cake was soon picked up in the US, where it’s now a staple in cafés and restaurants all over the country. Not a bad results for all those ‘make do and mend’ campaigns.

Great food pays attention to geography

Being aware of where food comes from helps the people preparing it make sure it’s always great quality. With those first carrot cake recipes, knowing it was tried and tested by cooks in the UK went a long way to the recipe catching on.

And it’s one of the reasons we pay close attention to where our produce comes from, always sourcing the freshest ingredients from local suppliers. It means we can keep our people and local suppliers working together productively. And this local knowledge and presence not only improves our service, it boosts your productivity, too.

It’s also one of the ways we make sure we always deliver a 24-carrot-gold standard of foodservice.

So, to discover more about how we keep your people well-nourished by bringing local produce to their table, have a look at our local presence.

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