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How to avoid getting stuck in the world’s longest meeting

Eurest | Great food |  10 November 2016

Stone baked bread

We've all been in meetings that feel like they've gone on forever, but what if you found yourself in one that took three years to reach a decision?

It’s important to make the right decision

You might think you’ve been in a long meeting or two. But that’s nothing compared to the election of a Pope — one of the most famous meetings in the entire world.

It’s the one where Cardinals lock themselves away in the Sistine Chapel until they’ve reached a decision, then use white or black smoke to let the world know if there’s a new Pope or not.

But did you know that the Cardinals have to eat and sleep in the chapel, too? Yes, they genuinely can’t leave for any reason until they’ve finished the job. And, apparently, the food isn’t great…

A delayed decision helps no one

Locking yourself in a meeting for days — weeks even — sounds terrible. But the papal elections used to go on for much, much longer.

One that began back in 1268 took three years. Three whole years of meeting in various places to make one decision. This meeting dragged on so long that the Cardinals were eventually restricted to meals of just bread and water to encourage them to speed things up.

It was possibly the longest meeting ever held, and the reason we now have today’s system in place for choosing a new Pope.

A good meal can make the difference

We’re sure there are times you feel like locking your meeting room doors and thrashing out a decision. But we don’t think it’s the most productive approach.

Forget bread and water; your people work best when they’re well fed. You have to provide them with the food they need to concentrate on the task in hand. Then they can make quicker decisions and complete projects sooner.

That’s why we give your people a wide selection of meals made from seasonal local produce. We know that your army marches on its stomach, so we keep your people fuelled to improve their performance.

Discover more about how important great food is to your workplace.


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