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How to win the hearts and minds of your people

Eurest | Great people |  22 December 2014


How important is staff loyalty to your business, and how much do you think the happiness of your people affects their engagement at work? These are big questions in today’s world of business, particularly as new generations join the workforce, bringing with them fresh perspectives and agendas.

We’ll be exploring these issues and more in our live webcast ‘Beyond bonuses: winning the hearts and minds of your people’. Andy Barry, Managing Director of Eurest, will be joined by a panel of experts including Wayne Clarke; a founding partner of the Global Growth Institute, who has worked for 16 years to improve the performance of organisations through people engagement.

Taking place on Thursday 8 January from 1 to 2pm, the webcast will be a chance to hear them get to the nitty-gritty of what made employees loyal in the past and what newcomers to the workforce are likely to look for.

Together, we’ll delve into what different elements of the workforce find motivating and gain satisfaction from, including the role that happiness levels play in staff loyalty, and how all of this affects business productivity.

We’ll be talking about how reward systems and perks have evolved over the years and tease out which ones really make a difference. We’ll look at how businesses are trying to make their people happy and what you can do to foster a rewarding work environment.

And, we want to hear your thoughts, too. We’ll be running live polls throughout the webcast, and you’ll be able to ask the panel your big questions. In the meantime, you can share your opinions on Twitter using the hashtag #EurestWebcast.

Register to join us and our panel of experts now to get to the bottom of these big questions. We look forward to you joining us on the day. 

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