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In defence of the British chip

Eurest | Great service |  16 July 2015


Here’s a bit of a shocker: Belgians have the highest consumption of chips in Europe (Wilson, 2013). I know; I would have put money on it being us here in the UK too. 

In Belgium they’ve raised good-old chip eating to an art form. Order frites in Brussels, and you’ll be served a paper cone filled with thin slivers of perfectly-cooked potato just over a centimetre in diameter, with just the right amount of salt added in between layers to create a celebratory frites bouquet. And if that’s not enough, you then get a choice of toppings ranging from piri-piri through to ketchup — mayonnaise is the traditional adornment. 

In fact, they’ve taken chip eating even further, giving it the status of a meal. To Belgians it’s perfectly acceptable to dine on just potatoes. You can even take your frites into a bar and order a beer to wash them down.  

In contrast, our approach is much more moderate. Our traditional British chip has no airs and graces, is stout and fluffy and presented in a modest wrapping of newspaper (salt and vinegar optional). And for us, chips by themselves remain a mere side order; to become a meal requires adding the trusty partner fish, a pie or a sausage of some sort. 

We know where we are with the great British chip. It’s comfortingly reliable with no pomp or extravagance, and delivers an experience which meets expectations— and creates a warm feeling inside — every time. It’s a part of life we wouldn’t want to be without. 

We aim to make our service at Eurest the equivalent of the good old British chip; familiar, reliable and down-to-earth.

Wilson, B. (2013) ‘Why chips taste better in Brussels’ The Telegraph, 28 November 2013 [online], (Accessed 2 December 2013).

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