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Independence Day: Food with fireworks

Eurest | Great food |  22 June 2017

Independence Day Banner

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to revel in the guilty pleasure that is American food?

A quick trip through history

You probably know about Independence Day and why they celebrate it in the US. But in case you need catching up, here’s a quick summary…

Independence Day takes place on the 4th of July, and commemorates the date in 1776 when the 13 American colonies officially separated from Great Britain. (It’s also a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith, but that’s a blog for another time.)

If you did know all that already, here’s an Independence Day fact you might not be aware of: America actually became independent on 2 July — it just took the founding fathers two days to draft the Declaration.

A nation unified — over food

Nowadays, Independence Day is one the biggest national holidays in the US. People travel hundreds of miles to get together and celebrate with family, drink and food.

Here’s where we get excited, because the food really is something to celebrate. On 4 July, all of America’s tastiest dishes get a showing: apple pie, mac and cheese, hotdogs, southern fried chicken, BBQ — all the greats.

So, to mark the occasion, we’re putting on an American feast of our own.

On the 4th of July we’ll be joining our friends across the pond and celebrating with an American themed menu, packed with the delicious foods that make America great.

We may not have actual fireworks, but our Independence Day menu is a real blast. Don’t miss out.        

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