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Instore set to bring prestigious award to the (café) table.

Eurest | Great service |  29 July 2016


As part of Compass Group’s Business and Industry family, we’ve lots of sister companies to cheer on. Case in point, Instore’s been shortlisted for two Retail Week Interiors Awards.

About Instore

Instore is a trusted café and restaurant provider for a number of top retailers, making sure that in-store dining improves the shopping experience for all people within the customer base.

And showing how impressive its café concepts are, its been shortlisted not once, but twice, for Retail Week Interiors Best In-store Eatery, Café or Bar Award. Here at Eurest, we’re proud of Instore’s achievements, so want to take a little time to explain the fantastic eateries that it’s being recognised for.

First nominee: cosy Café Nest

First up is Café Nest, in Mothercare stores around the UK. From its original design, all through its first year of business, the café has focused on its specific customer base: families.

From nursing mothers, to mums and dads with toddlers and babies in tow, Instore knew that its café had to cater to all the additional needs that the youngest family members bring to the coffee table.

In response to this, it created Café Nest, which has extra space for buggies, additional high chairs, an exciting kids’ pick ‘n’ mix station, play areas and the popular ‘nesting’ area — a quiet place for nursing mums.

That’s not to mention the delicious, healthy food offerings, space for mother and baby groups and even children’s parties. Café Nest is more than just an in-store eatery. It’s a café that’s working hard to integrate into the community, and become a lovely place for families to relax, no matter how much shopping they have to do at Mothercare.

Second nominee: trendy Homebase Coffee Shop

With the Homebase Coffee Shop, Instore wanted to make sure that the Homebase eatery was a place customers would remember and want to return to. Not just because they were shopping in Homebase, but because it’s a relaxing space with everything a high street coffee shop has to offer, and more.

The resulting café’s a comfortable, modern eatery. Its concept was focused largely on aesthetics and Instore wanted an artisanal approach, so chalk boards and bulldog clips are used to present promotional material. This gives a quirky, DIY-vibe inside the café, reflecting the range of homeware products available in Homebase.

Instore also considered the food carefully to make sure the café catered to a diverse customer base. So there are hearty breakfast options (to eat in or take away) for tradespeople who drop by early in the morning. A range of sweet, savoury, hot and cold meals and snacks are also available — great for shoppers who want to take a break or have a good think about a big-ticket item they’re looking to purchase. A kids’ station pick ‘n’ mix full of healthy, child-friendly options also has the youngsters covered.

Retail Week Interiors Award

A testament to Instore’s focus on innovative design, both Café Nest and the Homebase Coffee Shop have been shortlisted for Retail Week Interiors Best In-store Eatery Award.

It’s a great achievement by a company that really takes the time to understand exactly what the client, and their customers, need. Here at Eurest we’re proud to call Instore part of the family.

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