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Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  13 September 2016


No more excuses for not eating your five a day people! Not only are vegetables good for our bodies, now it turns out they’re good for our souls too. A study in the US  has revealed that people who eat lots of fruit and vegetables are naturally more optimistic. Take a bow upbeat beets, chipper carrots, buoyant broccoli…you’re the fuel for future hopefulness. You make us healthier and happier.

The scientists found that people with a glass-half-full approach to life have higher concentrations of carotenoids — the compound found in many vegetables — in their blood. One of the most common carotenoids is beta-carotene, the pigment found in leafy vegetables and orange fruit and vegetables. Many carotenoids act as antioxidants, the body’s very own police force. Among the impressive claims for antioxidants are that they prevent cancer and heart disease, safeguard memory, reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer’s, protect joints, soothe pain, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, avert blindness caused by macular degeneration and cataracts, and even ward off wrinkles .

Of course there are different ways of looking at scientific research, and many will point out that the conclusions are oversimplified. NHS News turns the theory on its head: “It’s just as possible that people who have better psychological wellbeing are likely to eat a healthier diet. Any link between carotenoid levels and mood is likely to be down to a complex multi-directional relationship between physical and psychological factors and behavioural choices. ” Quite.

In a sense, it doesn’t really matter. If people want to believe that eating plenty of fruit of vegetables makes you happier, where’s the harm in that? While the jury might be out on the link between eating lots of veg and being more optimistic , the undisputed evidence is that happy people perform better at work — and happier workplaces are more productive workplaces  

So if we stick to the facts then here is the news. Vegetables and fruit are good for us. Happiness is good for us. Happiness makes us better workers, and happy workers create more productive workplaces. 

At Eurest we aim to provide nutritionally-balanced meals, with lots of great fresh fruit and vegetables. Our Know Your Food programme means we display full GDA information about our meals so people can make informed choices. And our policy of making the most of seasonal produce creates not only a great dining experience, but a better outlook too.

Job done. 


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