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Just our cup of tea

Eurest | General |  09 October 2014

just our cup of tea Eurest

Let’s have a nice cup of stewed Camellia Sinensis and talk about a drink that’s become an institution.

Tea, as it’s otherwise known, reached star-status here in the UK in the 17th century and ever since then, we’ve been enjoying a cuppa as an essential part of everyday life. The versatile refreshment helps us to both relax and energise, and this could be down to L-theanine. It’s an amino acid that’s thought to have antioxidant and relaxant properties that neutralise the speedier effects of caffeine, without reducing its stimulating effects.

Tea has become the most widely consumed beverage in the world (after water, of course). And, no matter what your preference, everyone’s brew of choice comes from the same plant — green, black, white or oolong — it’s all down to how the leaves are processed. 

The proud peculiarities of a dedicated tea-drinker don’t end there — there’s a wealth of rituals and routines that influence the outcome. Some swear by a swirl of hot water to prep the pot, others pop a drop of milk into the cup before adding tea; some insist on a cheeky squeeze yet others shy away from agitating the bag. Even Michelin-starred chefs like Heston Blumenthal have got in on the act, recommending 80ºC water for green and herbal teas and 85ºC for black.

However you craft your perfect cuppa, it’s your attention to detail that delivers your bespoke ‘ahhhh’ moment. 

We believe that what we do for you deserves that same level of detail and dedication. And it’s that focus that ensures we excel at what we do, bringing you consistently excellent service and new ways to make every day better. 

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