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Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  30 December 2014


When it comes to a balanced diet, many of us concentrate on getting the right number of portions of fruit and veg into the day. We think carefully about preparing meals that provide us with the right minerals and vitamins, and we stay active to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, one element that is often overlooked is portion control, despite the fact that eating the right amount at every meal is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy diet.

The portions we give ourselves are often larger then they need to be. The concern is that, if you consume more energy than you burn in your day, you stack up health problems for the future — and that’s why, at Eurest, we take time to focus on this.

We know how important health and wellbeing is. Our parent company, Compass Group UK & Ireland has published the 2020 Health and Wellbeing strategy is geared towards making it easier for consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle — informing, educating and reducing public health-sensitive nutrients in our food. Portion control is just one element of our approach that can positively impact your lifestyle.

Sometimes it can be difficult to measure regular servings so here we’ve got a couple of tips for making sure every portion you eat is the right size:

• Meat, poultry and fish servings should fit into your palm

• A serving of cheddar cheese is just about the size of a regular matchbox

• Try to cover half of your plate with vegetables, ensuring you get plenty of vitamins and minerals without consuming too much protein or fat (magnesium, vitamin C etc.).

Food is a great source of enjoyment as well as nourishment, so take the time to appreciate it. By making a positive effort to eat away from distractions and thinking about portion control, it will become a natural consideration when preparing your meals.

Reference: Compass Group UK & Ireland. (2014). Our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Available: Last accessed 07 November 2014.

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