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Keeping time

Eurest | Consistency |  04 February 2016


It’s hard to imagine a world without clocks; we rely on them so heavily in our day-to-day lives. Time is displayed everywhere: on our alarm clocks, watches, phones, on big screens in train stations, the list goes on. Time is a tricky thing to measure when we don’t have a clock to help us keep count; sometimes time goes so quickly the day seems to run away from us, and other days seem to take a lifetime.

Clocks have traditionally been the centre of the community; the heartbeat of the city; a link between all of the people living around it.

So what would happen if our clocks stopped working? 

This is exactly what happened to the people of Leeds when their Town Hall clock stopped ticking. It has been relied on for centuries, until, one day, the hands got stuck at 12 o’clock. It turns out that its winding system had worn out and time, for Leeds, stood still. 

It wasn’t an easy task to replace the delicate, historic piece of machinery inside the clock. But the city wouldn’t be the same without it, so the people waited patiently for it to be restored to its former glory. Once the new part was fitted, people of Leeds could rely on it to keep perfect time, once again.

At Eurest, we know how valuable time is to you. We’re all feel pressure from time to time and sometimes it can feel as though there are too few hours in the day to achieve everything we want to. 

Keeping time is vital to the workings of your business — that’s why we want to make sure that everything runs smoothly. As your provider, we want you to know that you’re in safe hands, so that you have the time to get on with your other business priorities, leaving the responsibility of feeding your people to us. 

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