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Leave the desk behind (at least for a while)

Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  15 September 2016

Empty Desk

Time spent away from your desk can feel like time wasted, and increase stress. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Here’s why.

Talking about walking

The BBC recently reported on a surprising fact — apparently, ‘not walking’ at work could be as dangerous as smoking.

This is even more shocking when you discover that half of office workers don't leave their desks during the day (other than to nip to the toilet). And that nearly two-thirds of us are too busy for a lunch break, while 55 per cent walk for less than 20 minutes a day.

For those of us who work in busy offices, these situations probably sound quite familiar. But they really shouldn’t. The fact is, not getting up from our desks leads to serious health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Time to get moving

So what can you do to make sure you and your people are staying healthy and getting the exercise you need during the day?

Well, thankfully, there is plenty of advice out there. Here are three tips that we found particularly useful:

1. Warn your people about the risks, and get them to track the time spent sitting down at work.

2. If you can, use your workspace to provide places for people to stand and work.

3. Encourage your people to take more breaks and go for a light walk.

None of these cost much in time or money, but all three will ensure that you and your workforce steer clear of the risks posed by being chained to a desk.

Take a walk to a workplace restaurant

We can also help you to create a productive environment that reduces stress and helps your people get away from their desks.

You don’t have to walk far, you just need to get up and get moving. And with a workplace restaurant your people have a place to go to grab a healthy drink or snack. This gives them a choice, other than eating lunch at their desk — and lets them stretch their legs.

Plus, thanks to our focus on healthy and nutritious food choices, your people will enjoy lunch knowing that their wellbeing is catered for.

Get in touch to discover more about how we can help you create a healthy workplace.



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