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Light bulb moment

Eurest | Corporate Responsibility |  09 September 2014


Twelve years ago, Brazil experienced some of the worst power cuts in decades. The only places with power were the factories; many homes were left in darkness, without power and without light. Meanwhile, in the city of Uberaba, Southern Brazil, Alfredo Moser had a light bulb moment…

He came up with a way of illuminating his house without electricity — using nothing but plastic bottles filled with water and some bleach. The bleach keeps the water clear, so that, when it’s set into the roof, the light stays bright for a long time. It’s a very efficient light source; his makeshift lights can be powered up to 40 to 60 watts.

His invention has spread throughout the world. In the Philippines, the idea has really caught on; Moser lamps are now fitted in 140,000 homes. The idea is also growing in popularity in around 15 other countries, from India and Bangladesh, to Tanzania, Argentina and Fiji.

What’s so fantastic about Moser’s invention is that he’s been smart with the resources he’s got; his invention is sustainable and resourceful. His mission was to make life better, without making a negative impact on the world around him, and that’s what he’s achieved.

Corporate responsibility is like that. It’s about looking at the bigger picture and working out how your actions can have the most positive effect on the environment. At Eurest, we’re always on the lookout for the little things that, taken together, make up the bigger picture. Like looking to source food and skills locally, a simple step that helps you make a contribution to your community and reduce your environmental impact. 

And, as part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, this commitment underpins everything we do, so we’re proud to have been given the Environmentally Friendly Logistics award by Footprint Awards. By partnering with Brakes to adapt our supply route, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions across the UK and Ireland by over 4,500 tonnes per year — that’s the equivalent of the annual footprints of 900 homes. And we’re not stopping there. You can find out more about the awards and our initiatives here.

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