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Living life on the (cliff) edge

Eurest | Being safe |  16 October 2014


Imagine waking up every morning to an uninterrupted sea view, getting cosy on a cold night with the black seas calm beneath you, being primed and ready to enjoy every sunny day (no matter how short) at the beach…

The new concept of cliff houses takes seaside living to the limit. A four storey contraption is attached to the cliff-side by large, heavy-duty steel pins and promises three bedrooms, a carport and accommodation which gives almost limitless views. And, it has its own outdoor space — though this wouldn’t be for the faint hearted. 

The designs take safety into serious consideration, but the thought of existing in what is a naturally perilous environment is bound to give some a thrill of excitement. The reward is obvious — what could be more awe-inspiring than waking up to a view of the sparkling ocean opening out to an endless horizon?

It’s human-nature — sometimes we feel like we need to take a chance to get a fantastic experience. And often it pays off with a reward that far outstrips the efforts that go into earning it.

We take our responsibilities to our people and yours seriously, and that’s why we focus on enforcing outstanding health and safety procedures and standards in everything we do. When it comes to our offering to you, we believe that an outstanding experience doesn’t have to involve taking any risks. 

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