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Loving your local

Eurest | Local presence |  17 January 2017


Occasionally, when you exit the motorway expecting a grey services made up of a group of over-priced franchises, you’ll be in for a pretty nice a surprise. Think farm shop crossed with an independent bistro-come-coffee-place — it certainly isn’t your average pit stop. Pop into Tebay or Junction 38 services on the M6, or Gloucester services on the M5 for the full experience. 

Bringing ‘local’ to the motorway

The concept of these ‘local’ service stations was created by Cumbrian farmers John and Barbara Dunning back in 1972. At its heart is one simple idea — to bring the freshest and tastiest of produce to the huge market of people streaming up and down the motorway. Banishing the tired sandwiches and run-of-the-mill hot dishes served in the standard motorway services, this new way of doing things focuses on using local food, cooked fresh on the premises and on selling farm produce. 

A celebration of location

Each of these innovative service stations works hard to become rooted in its place, reflecting and celebrating everything that’s good about the region it’s in. They commit themselves to capturing the spirit of a place, from the architecture of the buildings through to the suppliers they use and the food they serve. And they never stand still, enjoying the challenge of responding to market changes in the way that feels right for them. 

Your restaurant at the heart of your community

There’s so much of this ethos that matches how we think and act. 

We treat each of our restaurants as an individual business that takes inspiration from Eurest’s strong service heritage and adapt it so that every restaurant fits snuggly into the community it serves. You’ll see this in the way we tailor our menus to local tastes and match the ambience to suit what your people want from their restaurant. 

We also understand that by working closely with the people that make up the local community, we strengthen our reason for being there. If you look at the partnerships we build with the businesses we serve, you’ll see how we value genuine understanding.

And, we like reinventing — innovating to match people’s tastes as they change. Take a look at our lower-calorie ranges helping you make healthy choices, or our pop-up menus designed to tickle the taste buds with the latest global cuisines. 

Make your Eurest restaurant your next pit stop.

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