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Making a splash with Life Water

Eurest | Corporate Responsibility |  21 May 2015

Life water changes

We recently got some fantastic news — we found out that our contributions to Life Water have provided two communities with clean drinking water this year. And it looks like there are ten more villages which should have wells before the year’s out. 

Both communities are in West Bengal, India, and both have received a well which can produce fresh, clean, sustainable water. That’s over 4,000 people who now have access to drinking water, all year round.

A word of thanks

The success is down to Life Water, who gave us the means to help people half-way across the world. Life Water is an eco-responsible, organic water company who work alongside DROP4DROP, a drinking water charity, to bring access to fresh water to those who need it most. Every time a bottle of Life Water is sold, DROP4DROP provide a community in need with 1,000 litres of drinking water, and for every 10,000 cases sold, they install a well.

And let’s not forget the important role that you, our customers, have played. Without your purchases of Life Water at Eurest restaurants, none of this would be possible.

Looking to the future

It feels great to have helped so many people, but it would be even better to help more people in the future. So next time you pop into our restaurants to grab a drink, think about the good you can do with a simple bottle of water.

To find out more about what exactly Life Water do and who they help, take a look at their website.   

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