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Mechanical manners

Eurest | Great people |  01 November 2016


A customer’s dining experience is hugely dependant on the service they receive from the waiters. Having relaxed, warm, and helpful people to support your restaurant’s services is crucial to creating an enjoyable atmosphere that’s going to encourage your customers to come back time and time again. 

However, some restaurants have turned that concept on its head; they’ve developed unconventional waiters and waitresses to make their diner’s experience even more memorable. So how would you feel if a group of robots were responsible for serving your meal and entertaining you? 

That’s exactly what a restaurant in eastern China has done. It uses robots to serve and dance for customers.

Perhaps this novelty factor does attract custom and works well in that way. However, we believe that part of the charm of a restaurant is being able to have a conversation with the team who are masterminding your dining experience. At Eurest, the service is just as important as the delicious food we serve and that’s an ethos we weave into each of our client’s foodservice solutions.

Like any great service organisation, our success hinges on our people — from the chefs who make it all happen at the front line to the executive teams that plan and implement the whole package. We call it ‘The Eurest Way’; a short phrase that sums up our entire team’s commitment to quality and service. 

In a Eurest restaurant, the only thing mechanical is the equipment. 

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