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More than just marketing

Eurest | Consistency |  14 September 2017

More than just marketing

How often have you walked around the supermarket to find yourself picking up products you didn’t even know you wanted? Shiny packets, sleek designs and alluring messages are all part of getting you to make the purchase. Often we buy new products on the recommendation of a friend or family member to be part of the sharing experience.

One fad that’s consistently pushing up the food bill is flavoured crisps. Over the years we’ve seen everything from scampi and lemon to slow-roasted lamb with cheeseburger and squirrel thrown in for good measure.

Lately we’ve seen a drive towards locally-sourced flavourings, with major crisp labels introducing relatively tame tastes. You can now experience a variety of home-grown flavours from the humble tomato to the more gourmet ‘sausage and mustard’. It may be a drastic turnaround from chicken madras and crispy duck but it’s fantastic news for UK suppliers.

When you’re sourcing locally it’s important to be consistent. Not only is that reassuring for local growers, but for Eurest it’s a must-have for our chefs who need to control the quality of the meals they produce.

With Eurest, you can rest assured that the products we define as local are sourced within 50 miles of where we serve them and we’re proud to say that’s a factor that’s going to stay constant.

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