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Morgan a feelin’

Eurest | Consistency |  18 August 2016

Dinner Serving

Morgan Motors has been hand-crafting cars for over a hundred years, and now they’re more popular than ever. The secret to its success? Consistency.

A family affair

Dating all the way back to 1909, Morgan Motors has been creating handmade cars the entire time. The company doesn’t do it this way because it’s stuck in the past — it does it because it produces great results. Now, a hundred years on, its cars are more popular than ever.

Spreading the word

It’s the time, work and skill that consistently goes into each Morgan that makes the cars so special. To this day, a team of craftspeople hand-build every Morgan car from three core materials: ash, leather and aluminium. They’re made with such care and consideration that Morgan only produces 1,300 cars per year. And because demand for the cars is so high, the waiting time for new cars is currently just under a year.

It’s amazing to think that these cars, handmade in Worcestershire, have competed in (and won) the Le Mans endurance race.

Consistently great service  

Put simply, Morgan Motors’ consistent dedication to making things by hand drives its success.

It’s our focus on consistency that lets us maintain the quality of our service. Our working processes are constantly vetted to make sure that standards are kept high.

And because all of our staff know what’s expected of them, they can get on and work efficiently and productively. This means you can focus on the things that really matter to your business.

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