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Naturally speaking

Eurest | Great people |  05 December 2013

customer servce

Lately we’ve seen a huge customer service drive, with many businesses implementing tools to improve the consumer experience. Many companies have utilised digital technologies, providing online services to track parcels, clothes deliveries and even phone repairs. Websites now come with pop-up ‘advisers’ to pre-emptively solve any issue you might have, without having to actually speak to a ‘real’ person.

Technological advances such as these have proven to be invaluable to customer communications and there has been a push for ‘front-line’ personnel to complement the business’ flawless online operation by offering the same level of attention.

It’s lovely to be given a friendly welcome from a regular face at the local bank, or to be the recipient of a passing smile when entering a store, however with a targeted quota of Ps & Qs and a badge to point out the customer service representative of the week, incentivised customer service can’t help but feel a little overbearing at times. 

Our requests and enquiries are often met with any number of automated responses, and it’s hard to believe that we’re anything more than a number.

So where does the line get drawn between genuine good service and the ticking of boxes? How can we make sure that we are responding to real people and real issues, rather than jumping through hoops?

At the end of the day, it’s about feeling valued. At Eurest, customer service is ingrained in our culture — it’s not something we add to the list of job duties, or incentivise for rewards. We think that it’s natural to want to be polite, friendly and approachable, so you can guarantee that the service you receive is natural too. 

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