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Neither shaken, nor stirred

Eurest | Geographical spread |  21 April 2016

Changing tastes

Mojitos, Margaritas and Martinis are classic cocktails that draw comparisons to our trusty evening meals. Just like lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise we know that they’re a safe choice — rarely able to disappoint and often tempting us back for seconds.

Maybe our trusty companions are the reasons why we hesitate at the descriptions of more obscure, ‘twisted’ classics — the likes of a Spiced Gin Bramble or a Red Russian. Regularly found further down the menu, we’re often tempted to try them out but sometimes lack the incentive to make a purchase. It often takes a friend or colleague to make the daring decision before we follow suit and sample a similarly crazy concoction.

So, are we becoming more adventurous with flavours?

With technological advancements and improved global communications we can now access ingredients that were once just a culinary dream. In our local supermarkets we are seeing an increasing demand for the likes of kaffir lime leaves and pak choi, with ‘world food’ aisles growing in size every day. 

And it’s not just exotic flavours that we’re introducing to our daily meals. We’re mixing it up in other aspects of the food market too. Pretzel-studded chocolate bars, chilli popcorn and chocolate cheese have all made it to shop shelves. Just like the rather unique beer-based ‘lagerita’ cocktail, our desire for new and challenging flavours has become even stronger.

At Eurest, we like to try new things and stay ahead of the trend but we also like keep hold of our classics. With links all over the world we have the luxury of providing staple lunchtime meals while introducing the likes of Lebanese-inspired salads, Indonesian curries and Mexican burritos.

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