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Oi, oi, Savoy

Eurest | Great food |  05 March 2015


It’s probably one of the more underrated vegetables, but we want to transform the image of the cabbage. We’ve already given you the inside scoop about the white cabbage, and now we thought we’d let you in on the secrets of the Savoy. It’s easily one of our favourite veggies, as it’s extremely versatile, working fantastically in dishes and as a side. From sumptuous stir-fries to the perfect Sunday roast accompaniment, you can’t go wrong with a generous helping of Savoy cabbage.

The French name ‘choux de savoie’ translates to ‘the crinkling of leaves’; rather than hailing from the Savoy region of France. And it’s worth mentioning that the most famous award-winning variety of this lush veg glories in the lofty title of 'Savoy King'.

Cabbage is one of the oldest vegetable groups to have been cultivated across the centuries — for example, in China back in 4000 BC. And in the West both the ancient Greeks and Romans had a penchant for it — we’re far from alone in our love for cabbage. This is partly because it’s a hugely nutritious food. Cabbage can provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits. And Savoy cabbage is the best source of sinigrin of all the cabbage family — a nutrient that has received special attention in cancer prevention research.

We also love how versatile a vegetable cabbage is. It’s easy to experiment with it: you don’t have to just steam or boil it. Try creating parcels using individual leaves. Place your filling in the centre of the leaf, bring the sides of the leaf over and then tuck in the top and bottom. It’s completely up to you whether you steam the parcels or cover them in sauce for baking. Either way, they both sound pretty tempting…

It’s important to embrace seasonal produce, and to showcase the great British produce we have on our doorstep. We also like to shake up the way we think about the ingredients that people often overlook. On the face of it, cabbage might not seem that exciting but with a little time and creativity you can transform this ordinary vegetable into a culinary treat. We always work hard to give you fresh, delicious food that changes the way you think about dishes and ingredients, and the Savoy is one of our star ingredients…

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