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One Q that has all the answers

Eurest | Great service |  26 April 2016


James Bond gets into all sorts of scrapes. But he doesn’t get out of them alone; he relies on someone who has an incredible understanding of his needs…

The real hero of the Bond movies
We think Q — the man behind the weird and wacky technology that James Bond uses — is the real hero of the Bond movies. Sure, he’s not often in the thick of the action — but he’s always got 007’s back. Without Q, the titular hero would never get out of whatever elaborate trap he’s walked into.

What’s really amazing about Q is his uncanny understanding of which gadgets Bond will need, and when he’ll need them. To give you an idea of just how spot-on Q can be, let’s take a look at three of his gadgets which were perfect for the job at hand.

1. The safecracker-copying machine  
Remember all those times when you really needed a photocopier while you were cracking a safe? No, us neither. But George Lazenby’s 007 needed just that in 1967’s ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Luckily, Q had somehow anticipated this obscure demand, and had a safe-cracking photocopier ready to go.

2. The shark-inflating pellet 
It’s not often that you’ll need a shark-inflating pellet. But woe betide the person without one, when the need does arise. Thankfully Roger Moore’s Bond had one to hand in 1973’s ‘Live and Let Die’. Q must have really done his research to have planned ahead for that situation.

3. The seagull snorkel suit
Camouflage is an important part of any super-spy’s kit — but Sean Connery’s seagull snorkel suit really takes the biscuit (or the pasty out of your hand, if you’re on a Cornish beach). However, as crazy as the idea sounds, sticking a stuffed seagull onto Bond’s head turned out to be a smart way of sneaking him through a harbour. 

Bringing Q-level understanding to your business
We particularly appreciate Q's skills, because understanding our clients is a vital part of what we do, too.

We're not sure how Q gets it so right, but we rely on research and experience to get to know our clients. We find out about your core values and individual needs — then we cater our services to meet them.

Our services will set you up for your working day — no matter what that involves (although if sharks are involved, we might have to fill in a few more health and safety forms).

Take a look at our Understanding You page to find out more.

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