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Our trick to making pumpkin treats

Eurest | Great food |  30 October 2015


With Halloween just around the corner, you’re bound to encounter a fright or two. Pumpkins popping up all over the place pulling faces to catch your eye. The good news is, throwing away lots of leftover pumpkin from making lanterns doesn’t have to be one of the horrors coming your way.

Pumpkin, as you’ve never seen it before

There’s a growing movement focusing on reducing waste around Halloween. It’s about making sure that the fun you have with the outside of the pumpkin is matched by the enjoyment of making the flesh into something delicious to eat. So here are a few of our favourite recipes to help you make the most of pumpkin season. 

Spicy roasted pumpkin wedges

This is so easy to do: drizzle wedges of pumpkin with olive oil, sugar and spices then bake. Delicious with a simple salad of quinoa or wild rice with toasted nuts, dry cranberries, and fresh herbs. Check out the full recipe here.

Chilli pumpkin salsa

A tasty twist on the traditional salsa. This tangy mix takes fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, pumpkin puree, jalapeno peppers, spices, sugar and salt to create a salsa that’ll give any occasion a little kick. Get the full low down here

Spicy pumpkin gingerbread trifle

Soft layers of pumpkin, spicy gingerbread and creamy whipped topping make this a delicious autumn feast. So simple to make, it’s sure to become a Halloween favourite. Full instructions here

Classic, delicious pumpkin pie

Why not fill a sweet shortcrust pastry tart case with a lightly spiced squash mixture to make the traditional American treat? Dust with icing sugar or finish with a meringue topping for a true taste of Halloween. Here’s a really easy recipe

Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin

Wrapped in fresh pasta and paired with the unique flavour of goats’ cheese, this ravioli is delicious topped with a creamy white wine sauce. Get the perfect recipe here

Delicious — and with the feel-good factor

Finding different ways to use ingredients is an important part of reducing food waste — especially with food as seasonal as pumpkins. All it takes is a little more thought and the results are often something delicious and out of the ordinary. That’s why we use our expertise to get the most out of all the produce we use across our restaurants — bringing your people nutritious and sustainable meals that create as little waste as possible.

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