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Passing it on

Eurest | Great people |  11 August 2016


In sport, it’s common for successful players to become coaches, managers or mentors to younger players who show promise. In tennis, for example, Martina Hingis was ranked number one for more than 200 weeks on the WTA Tour, thanks to her innumerable wins on the circuit — and she’s now a coaching consultant at a Paris-based academy.

Indeed some go on to achieve levels of fame and recognition in their coaching or managerial careers that they never reached as competitors. Alex Ferguson — best known for his achievements as manager of Manchester United — notched up 45 goals over 51 games for Dunfermline in the 1965-66 Scottish League, before joining Rangers for £65,000 — what was then a record fee for a transfer between two Scottish clubs.

This transfer of hard-earned skills happens across all aspects of life — from the passing on of life lessons from one generation to another in a family, through to a teacher sharing knowledge with pupils and on to an experienced worker passing on tried-and-tested ways of doing things to a new starter.

American author, Ralph Nader put his finger on it: “the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers", meaning we should be aiming to transfer levels of knowledge that create the next generation of effective leadership. And that’s the approach we take in our business — we value our people and train them to deliver an excellent foodservice experience, every day.

We’re the best in the business because we recruit passionate people and provide a comprehensive career development programme that gives every team member the potential to progress right to the very top. We share the right knowledge with the people who have the right attitude to carry on our standards. We truly want the pupil to outdo the teacher.

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