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Paying the price for improper paperwork.

Eurest | Being safe |  31 March 2016


As Leon Fricker’s golfing catastrophe shows — accuracy, is everything.

After one of the best rounds of his autumn season, Leon Fricker, a golfer from Ivybridge, Devon, won his latest tournament on the competitive US college circuit. But after being photographed with his new trophy, Leon got some bad news.

The perils of poor paperwork.
Unbeknownst to Leon, his scoring partner, a student from another university, had put down the wrong number on Leon’s scorecard.

In the unforgiving game of golf, this meant that Leon had ‘no carded’ and was automatically disqualified from the tournament — bad news for Leon and good news for Jeremy Wall, who was formerly in second place.

Accuracy is key.
We've never been disqualified from a golf tournament, but then again we do always get our paperwork right. And that’s just one part of our commitment to health and safety.

Every aspect of our customer’s experience is underpinned by an all-encompassing health and safety operation. Our compliance and accreditation record is rigorously tested across our business and this is backed up by our award-winning e-learning programmes in HSE, food safety and environmental management.

Our approach to your safety is as uncompromising as golf’s stance on the score card.

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