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Pick A Car, Any Car

Eurest | Great price |  28 May 2015


Mercedes probably started it. Back in the day, you knew how much you wanted to spend on a new car, and that determined the range of cars from which you could choose. If your budget was tight you went for something British, or French, or Japanese. If you had a bit more you were looking at something German, and if you were a Pools winner you went for a Rolls Royce.

Then Mercedes launched the A-class and suddenly people with not much money could buy a new Mercedes, with all the quality associated with that brand. Some marketing types questioned the wisdom of this, saying that it was undermining the brand integrity (or similar marketing-type phraseology).

But it worked. And when they launched the Smart car people with even smaller wallets (and possibly legs) could also own a new Mercedes. Whatever your budget, there was now a Mercedes for you.

Other manufacturers followed suit and suddenly the game changed; people looking for a new car could now firstly choose a brand, and then find the right model for their needs and budget.

Supermarkets used to be like car manufacturers; your budget determined where you shopped. And they’ve followed the carmakers’ suit by offering a range of own-label brands catering for different budgets; nowadays you can choose the supermarket, and then choose what level of quality and price you want.

We understand this approach because it’s the one we’ve been using for ages: whatever your budget, there is a Eurest offering for you; whatever quality you want you can be sure that Eurest offers the best price.

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