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Playfulness on the plate

Eurest | Great food |  06 March 2014

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If you listen carefully you can hear and sense the excitement that’s bubbling in the world of food right now. It’s in the vitality of your colleague’s description of a recent meal out at a new place they’ve found. It’s in the vibrant colours and tantalising scents coming from street vendors as you rush past, mouth watering. It’s in the enthusiasm with which your friends insist you come round for dinner to try their latest speciality. 

If you asked a hundred people what they think the cuisine of the moment is, you’d probably get a hundred different answers — because the choice and experimentation happening right now is mind-bendingly incredible.

Wherever you look, there’s something amazing happening on the food scene. On one hand, people are more adventurous than ever: trying exotic cuisine (such as Korean and Szechwan) and experimenting with unusual flavour combinations to create their own preferences. Fusion has come of age; we’re now happy to experiment in our own kitchens and intrigued by the innovative combinations happening in every type of food outlet. 

And on the other hand, we increasingly recognise that we need to choose food that matters to both our bodies’ well-being and that of the planet. We care about sourcing and we know nutrition is a vital part of choosing a meal — but we demand great taste too. We’re looking to superfoods to nourish us. We want cooking methods that deliver flavour as healthily as possible. And we want to reduce calories without sacrificing on flavour. 

So we’re seeing an eclectic mix of comfort food and healthy food; the exotic next to the home-grown; the unfamiliar meeting and mixing with childhood staples. And it tastes good. 

We’re open to experimentation — in fact we’re growing to expect opportunities to explore the vast world of choice and flavour that’s out there. And at Eurest we’re ready, with some exciting takes on the flavour revolution coming your way. 

The result is playfulness on your plate. Enjoy. 

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