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Pssst. Can you keep a secret?

Eurest | Great service |  17 May 2016


It seems that keeping a secret is going out of fashion — at least in the food service world. At the moment, letting secrets leak out seems to be the latest form of word-of-mouth marketing. But how new is this?

Back when you were young enough to cross your heart and hope to die, ‘open’ secrets were just as common. Maybe it was the landlord of your local keeping your favourite snacks tucked out of sight under the bar, ready to be whisked out at the catch of an eye. Or maybe it was that last pack of your particular biscuits ‘lost’ in the stockroom of your corner shop until you happened to enquire.

You could be forgiven for thinking this way of selling would have died out in our more corporate world. After all, when your village pub is owned by a brewery and your local shop is part of a nationwide chain, there must be rules and regulations standing between you and such secret stashes.

But some companies — large and small — are trying to keep this sense of being ‘in the know’ alive and kicking by offering hidden or secret menus, special items that don’t appear overtly and that certainly won’t be recommended by staff. However, should you catch wind of the name via social media or through word-of-mouth, then they’ll make it for you.

This may make you feel valued, but having a secret menu also has its downsides: prices can fluctuate from store to store, and enthusiasm amongst staff for going out of their way to make something special varies, according to reports. Because it’s not something that’s openly defined, inconsistencies can easily crop up.

At Eurest, we don’t do passwords, or hidden menu items and we certainly don’t do special attention for any customer above the rest. We don’t believe in treating our customers differently depending on who they are or what they know. To us, each customer is equally important and we’re dedicated to offering the same, high-quality food and service to everyone.

We’re privileged that you have chosen to work with us; and we aim to prove to you every day the importance we place upon your business, as well as just how seriously we take our responsibilities for the trust that you have placed in us.

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