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Putting our stamp on things

Eurest | Consistency |  09 May 2017


It has been said that handwriting can say a lot about a personality. People spend their lives learning all they can about the ancient study of graphology with the goal of painting a picture of someone’s character drawn only from how they form their letters.

To simplify it right down, words written close together in a cramped hand suggest the writer is reserved and closed off; words dominating the page could be the product of someone who dominates the people around them; and neat and tidy writing may well speak to a tidy mind and a well-organised life (Thoenes, 2009).

Graphology has its sceptics, but in the simplest of ways, handwriting has authority over our most important activities and transactions. Not everyone agrees that their personality is distilled into every note they write, or list they jot down, but what about the signature? It’s the piece of writing that stays with us the longest and is etched across most of the important documents in life. 

Most of us remember the time we spent crafting our own signature, perhaps to open our very first savings account. And many of us will admit to taking hours to practise our own personal stamp until it looked and felt just right, because, at a basic level, it’s what represents us out in the world, in our every transaction. 

That’s how we think about our offerings to you. Just like a signature, our food is consistent in its quality and has been carefully crafted to ensure it is just right for you and your people. Every aspect of our service, from food to health and safety, adds up to your total service package. 

Throughout our operation, we learn from our experience to adapt and develop solutions in every area of our business. We measure success through our customers’ views and perceptions of our service delivery and it’s our commitment to you to deliver a positive experience every time, through great food with seasonal and regional flavours, and a friendly and efficient service.

Thoenes, Jo. (2009). Graphology. Available: Last accessed 18 July 2014.

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