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Puurrrrfect service

Eurest | Great service |  31 May 2016

Great service

A 'cat pub' is drawing customers from far and wide because it's creating a fresh service experience — something we strive to do every day.

The Bag of Nails pub in Bristol is making a name for itself as a 'cat pub', a new take on the pub experience designed to suit cat-loving drinkers. The idea of stroking a cat while enjoying a relaxing drink is so attractive that people now travel from far and wide to visit the establishment.

Creating an environment that’s the cat’s whiskers

Although it happened by chance, the pub is now thriving because it's giving its customers exactly what they want. The landlord didn’t set out to create a ‘cat pub’; when he took over the tenancy in 2011 he just wanted to give his place a character of its own. So he filled the pub with the things he believed customers would like — toys, music… and cats.

The cat focus happened by accident. The landlord happened to have 15 cats who like to wander in and out of the bar and he decided he wasn’t going to stop them. The impressively-named cats — such as Salvador, Absinthe, Beresford, Pompidou and Caligula — do their own thing, having learnt that the bar is a good place to go for fuss and attention. And the customers love it.

Getting your people purring with delight

We want to create that same sense of satisfaction in your workplace restaurants, so your people find their eating environment as welcoming and enjoyable as the cat lovers find having a drink at the Bag of Nails pub.

Where we differ from the ‘cat pub’ approach is that, for us, giving your people exactly the experience they want doesn’t happen by accident — for us it’s much more of a science. At the start of our relationship with you we invest time in really getting to grips with what you want from working with us.

Using that as the basis for how we set up your operation, we then put in place regular activities to make sure we constantly deliver to your expectations. We collect customer insights and ongoing market knowledge from around the world to make sure we keep improving the service we give you, as well as bringing you new ideas and formats. And we carry out regular feedback surveys with your people to keep up-to-date on how satisfied they are, using that insight to make any necessary adjustments.

We’re always mindful that great service is a case of different strokes for different folks, and work hard behind the scenes to make sure what we deliver is purrrrrfect.

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