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Reaching for the top

Eurest | Great people |  03 June 2014

stawberry dessert

Is there an everyday task you’re so good at, if it were made into a competitive sport, you’re confident you’d walk away with a medal? Like secretly racing other pedestrians every morning, or turning the stock-room shelves into an artistic feat of engineering? If you do, the chances are you keep it quiet. 

You might think your quirk makes you a bit, well, unusual, but we want to tell you that it’s a good thing. It means you push yourself and celebrate your achievements. Whether it’s a perfectly brewed cuppa or a satisfyingly efficient filing system, you acknowledge that victory adds up to something great.

We like to think our people push themselves to achieve great things every day and we’ve been proved right: the British Culinary Federation has named the members of the English National Culinary Team and our very own Eurest Chef, Ben Ford is taking part. Ben is Head Chef at our River Island kitchen in London and he’ll be competing at the Culinary World Cup this November at EXPOGAST in Luxembourg:

“I’m delighted to have been selected to join a team of such superb chefs. It’s a great honour to be representing Eurest, and the rest of the country.”

To compete, the English National Culinary Team will have to produce a three-course menu for 110 diners, plus an international buffet. Ben and the rest of the team are meeting regularly to make sure that all the dishes prepared for the competition meet the strict criteria that the judges expect.

At Eurest, we understand that, like every great service organisation, our success hinges on our people — and it goes without saying that we’re really proud of Ben and wish him and his team mates every success in the competition. 

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