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Eurest | Health and wellbeing |  11 December 2014


Back in 2011, we made a number of pledges to support a government initiative to improve the nation’s health. As of 13 December 2014, new legislation will give the consumer the power to demand information about allergens. Thanks to the systems we already have in place, we’re in a great position to take this commitment even further.

Alongside compulsory regulations, there are also additional changes to the way nutritional information is displayed. Although voluntary, organisations need to make a range of changes to stay in line with the new rules, which include:

• Displaying energy values in Kcal and KJ

• Making energy values available per portion and per 100g

• Replacing Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) with Reference Intakes (RIs).

Our commitments include making it easier for consumers to make informed food choices by taking on-board all of these new regulations for the customer to see the salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat, and calorie content in their food.

Our online resource, ‘The Source’, will also let our people access more than 9,500 of recipes, all tried and tested by our chefs. The Source lays out the ingredients we use in our offerings and acts as a comprehensive nutritional analysis tool that makes it easy for us to give our customers information whenever they need it. It’s a live system, so nutritional and allergen information will be updated around the clock, including any changes to recipes or replacement products being used.

Our suppliers will help us to keep this up-to-date, so that every allergen present in our ingredients is noted and our teams will print up-to-date allergen reports daily, which can then be handed to our customers on request. And, our people have been supported in adapting to the new legislation, through an e-learning course and training literature, so they will be able to answer any questions a customer may have.

As anyone working in the catering industry knows, changes to food safety guidance and regulations come thick and fast. But our focus on giving our customers a great experience every day means that we’re always prepared to adapt and react as quickly as possible — so you receive excellent service at all times.

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