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Saving lives with safe, clean water

Eurest | Corporate Responsibility |  26 January 2016


One and a half million children die each year from a lack of safe drinking water. But with our eighth clean water well now open, we’re helping to fight back.

Did you know that 748 million people in the world don’t have access to safe, clean water? In terms of the global population, that amounts to one in nine people. One in nine people who collectively walk around 200 million miles every day to collect drinking water that’s often dirty and unsafe.

Everyone deserves to have clean water to drink, bathe and cook with. That’s why we’re working with Life Water to bring wells to communities in the developing world. Every bottle of Life Water sold in our workplace restaurants goes a little way toward building new sources of clean water for the people who need them most.

Building access to clean water

We’re proud to say that our latest drinking water well is now complete. This means that the Beechuvaripalli community of 1,090 people in India now has immediate access to safe, clean water — improving their lives and their prospects for a brighter future.

Last summer, the people of Beechuvaripalli struggled through the hottest months of the year with little access to safe water. But now they have a new bore-well that gives them an easy and plentiful source of clean water — meeting the needs of the whole village.

This new well is the eighth we’ve sponsored, bringing the total number of people we’ve helped to over 12,000.

Building better lives

We’ll continue to sponsor new wells this year, helping even more communities save thousands of hours every week by not having to travel to find fresh water. This will mean that more people can work productively, while children can use that time to enjoy an education at school.

And more than that, we’ll help to further reduce the number of deaths caused by the consumption of unsafe water. By continuing to work alongside Life Water, we’re bringing the whole world to life through safer, cleaner water.

Find out more about the communities we’ve helped and the projects we’ve sponsored through our work with Life Water.


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