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Say (cheddar) cheese

Eurest | Local presence |  14 October 2014

say cheddar cheese Eurest

Mouth-watering with fresh bread in your lunchbox and the ideal tasty snack anytime, cheddar cheese comes top of the pops for many. But what’s so special about this well-loved cheese? 

Traditionally, to call a cheese ‘cheddar’, it had to be produced within a 30 mile radius of Wells Cathedral in Somerset. Until Joseph Harding came along, this ploughman’s staple would mature in caves around the village of Cheddar and was limited to the local population.

Harding was a Somerset-born dairyman who worked to standardise the methods used in cheese production, improving hygiene and setting up a dairy college in Somerset. He set about commercialising the production of cheddar cheese and introduced it to Scotland and North America. And, by the time his sons took it all the way to New Zealand and Australia, it was an established industry. Today it accounts for more than half of all British household cheese-spend (British Cheese Board, 2014).

It was all down to Joseph Harding’s sheer graft and belief in cheddar cheese as a local product that got it where it is today. His hard work and love of the bounty of his local area allowed a product that may have faded into obscurity to flourish and be shared for generations to come. 

At Eurest we embrace the local, supporting community economies and keeping their preferences in mind. Regional knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated and, just like Joseph Harding shared his cheddar secrets with the world, we look to our local suppliers to help supply produce across the UK. 

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