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Screen saviours

Eurest | Understanding you |  08 July 2014

Screen saviours

We’re in a world packed with communication technology. Those brightly lit rectangular screens are always with us, both a boon and a blessing, from computer monitors at work to laptops and tablets at home. But none have come close to claiming anywhere near as much of our attention as mobile phones. 

It’s their portability of course. They’re so easy to carry around that people are rarely separated from their mobile phone at any hour of the day or night. The phone sits snugly into their hand and they gaze at their device at every possible opportunity: on the bus, the train, during meetings or even while on dates. 

Are you guilty of walking and texting, or texting during everyday interactions?

There’s been a lot of debate recently about the etiquette of texting or surfing during everyday transactions like paying for your supermarket shop. And there’s also a growing body of research that says it’s downright dangerous: more than a third of the ‘young and healthy’ people who took part in a recent study reported having some sort of accident while walking and texting or reading (The Guardian, 2014). Walking while using a phone causes people to slow down, veer off path and move like a robot — and bump into lampposts and fountains.

It sounds like it’s time to do things differently, to call a halt to our frenetic multi-taking approach to life that can mean some of the best things just pass us by. Put that phone away, and make the most of your surroundings.

At Eurest, we believe in balance, especially when it comes working and eating. We think that when you take a break, it should be given your full attention: smelling the delicious aromas, tasting the food and feasting your eyes on the plate in front of you, and talking with real people sitting at your table. Your workplace restaurant should be the place where you can ‘unplug’ from the electronic world and take a well-deserved break to revitalise and rejuvenate. 

The Guardian (2014), ‘Texting while walking poses safety risk and makes you 'like a robot', study finds’ The Guardian [Online],,  (Accessed 27 May 2014).


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