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Seasonality and the return of the truffle hunters

Eurest | Great food |  13 December 2012




Hunting the woodland treasure is a tradition that goes back for centuries, it’s just that over the last hundred years or so, we sort of forgot about it.

But now, the truffle season is in full swing and the truffle hunters are back, foraging these valuable black tubers from the woodland earth of the south, delighting in the free bounty that’s there for the taking.

While there’s a special thrill in enjoying something as exotic as truffles, even our less luxuriant ingredients take on an extra sparkle when eaten in season. Just think of those few weeks in late spring when asparagus is in season; or the spell in the summer when strawberries and raspberries are at their best.

There’s little doubt that the seasonality of food makes it all the more exciting, and makes each ingredient seem that bit more special when it reaches your plate.

It also makes plenty of sense from an economic perspective, not to mention offering companies who consume food an opportunity to improve their corporate social responsibility credentials.

That’s because locally sourced, seasonal food travels less, tends to be fresher and is less likely to spoil and end up as waste. Less transportation also means fewer carbon emissions, so it reduces the carbon footprint associated with getting it from A to B.

At Eurest we take a great deal of pride in sourcing seasonal, British fruit and veg wherever possible, and our chefs enjoy creating great food that’s rooted in quality, seasonal ingredients.

This month, for example, seasonal white cabbage is on the menu. Strongly flavoured and juicy, it’s great for a crunchy coleslaw, perfect in soup and a dream accompaniment to hearty winter meals. Look out for it if you get a chance.

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