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Service and a smile

Eurest | Great service |  23 October 2013


Check in with the mother in law; pick the kids up from the cinema; iron a few things before the morning; write up those meeting notes — you’ve got a bazillion of things to do before bedtime. Plus it’s already 8pm and you still haven’t had dinner. Will it be yet another microwave dinner for one? 

With busy work and home lives it’s hardly surprising that sometimes it’s tricky to find the time to fit proper meals into the never-quite-long-enough day. The conundrum is that while we still want nutritious, flavourful meals, we don’t want to have to spend large chunks of time creating dishes to fill our stomachs. 

As we’re reaching for faster, more convenient food, the way food is sold to us is changing too. There are an increasing number of cafes and restaurants providing ‘no frills’ food; freshly prepared and at a fair price but from a very limited menu. This solves the time problem, but what about the service? 

You may be right to ask “What service?” as your order’s been quickly punched into the till, your money taken and you’re asked to moved on so that they can deal with the next customer. 

Maintaining good food, great service and providing it within a timeframe that’s convenient for all is a tough act to juggle — but it’s something we work hard to maintain. At Eurest, we believe that our staff provides the ‘unique ingredient’ — they’ve all received the very best training to ensure we deliver exceptional customer service. 

So, whether you’re picking up a coffee or taking the time to sit down and eat, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the same level of attention. Like all good businesses, we know that great customer service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude — one that we’re keen to embrace. 


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