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Shooting for the stars

Eurest | Great people |  12 July 2016


When we talk about giving your people a great experience every time, our team is the magic ingredient. Our people are the driving force behind everything we do — shooting for the stars day after day.

When we prepare each member of our team, we know that only the best will do. That’s why we take inspiration from the way astronauts have to be committed and totally prepared for their role and the way they are trained. Before going to space, astronauts undergo hundreds of hours of training including an initial year of basic training. This involves learning about space technology and the International Space Station, building basic medical skills, and getting used to low-gravity environments and cumbersome gear by scuba diving. 

Then follows another year of advanced training where they learn about the International Space Station in more detail, the experiments taking place in space, transport vehicles and ground control. Only when all this is done do they get assigned to a mission, where they’ll work closely with other members of the crew, and learn about the special tasks ahead.

It’s a long and intense process but, over several years, trainees get to know each other well, and build expert knowledge in every area of their work. This is vitally important: each in turn will come to rely on the others as a matter of life and death and to make sure that costly and important missions are successful. In such an extraordinary situation, it’s right that they become the best they can be.

That’s the approach we take to supporting our people — giving them the care and attention they need to be the best they can be to deliver a great experience to your table. We’re proud of our knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated teams and we’re committed to helping them aim sky-high in everything they do.

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