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Sizzle and spice from the street

Eurest | Great food |  12 February 2014

fusion food

The heat beats down and every breeze carries tantalising scents of local specialities, wafting across from street stalls and overwhelming your senses with mouth-watering possibilities. It doesn’t matter that you’re not sure how to pronounce what you’re smelling — the sizzle and spice is irresistible. With your first bite you feel the flavours dance over your tongue in a way you’ve never experienced before.

It’s a taste revelation; it’s fusion food — street style.

Taking simple, but bold flavours and combining them to create an entirely fresh dish isn’t a new concept by any means. And some combinations work better than others; remember the cronut (croissant/donut cross) fashion of 2013? 

What’s new in fusion for 2014 is a fresh take on success through simplicity with clean, bold flavours that complement one another perfectly, often surprisingly. Gone are the days of combining a whole smorgasbord of flavours in the hope that they eclectically harmonise. 

For fusion in 2014 we’re talking exotic Asian flavours with a Latin kick from South American influences; Indian spices combined with earthy, yet sweet BBQ glazes — and it’s coming from the UK streets, with innovation and development by street stall sellers driving these changes (Palmer, 2013). It’s a fast-changing, ruthless world: what works, stays on the stall; what doesn’t prove popular is swiftly swapped for the next innovation.

Snappy, delicious and on-trend. That’s fusion street food at Eurest right now and this year our menus are stocked with more street-inspired flavours than ever before. Expect to see dishes like our Street Masala — a fantastic curry which combines the traditional tikka masala experience with a twist from the street. Prepare for a mouth-watering year; we look forward to seeing you soon.

Palmer, M (2013) Lost in Catering [online] (Accessed 18 December 2013). 

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