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Snap, sizzle and simmer

Eurest | Great food |  17 March 2016


A scent that tantalises your nose; the crunch and give as you cut through to a melting centre; a deep, spicy flavour that keeps unfolding; the snap as you take another crisp bite — eating is a sensuous experience that we sometimes forget to savour. Especially at work, busy schedules often mean we rush through our lunch break, eat at our desks and nibble for convenience rather than enjoyment.

Researchers say we rely too heavily on one or two senses when eating and that it’s time to open ourselves up to the possibilities of a complete sensory experience.

Sound, for example, can influence and intensify flavour and yet is something that may be overlooked. When you think about it, a freshly-baked baguette wouldn’t be half as enjoyable if it didn’t crunch when you tore off a chunk. A pot of homemade stew wouldn’t be so warming and delicious if you didn’t hear the gentle simmer as it’s ladled out. And a cool, long drink on a sizzling summer’s day wouldn’t be half as satisfying without the clink and crack of melting ice cubes. 

By embracing the complete sensory experience we’re making sure we squeeze every drop of pleasure from the delight that is eating. 

At Eurest, we’re all about providing your people with food to stimulate their senses, to make refuelling your body a celebration of life rather than a necessary chore. Our restaurants are filled with fresh, exciting and nutritious food, waiting to inspire. So come on over, soon. 

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