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Something better than bonuses?

Eurest | Great people |  20 January 2015


As Winston Churchill famously said, “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work again”. It’s an amazingly tempting thought: imagine never having to wake up with that ‘Monday morning’ feeling and being 100 per cent happy, all week. It’s something we all strive for, and employers are trying to make it easy for their workers to be in their dream job too.

It’s no surprise really: being engaged helps us to be more productive and keeps everything running smoothly and more efficiently.

On Thursday 8 January, we gathered together a panel of experts for our latest webcast, ‘Beyond bonuses: how to win the hearts and minds of your people’ — focusing on how organisations can better engage their people and the benefits it could bring to you and your workplace. Viewers had the chance to answer questions like ‘what is the current level of employee engagement in your workplace?’ and their feedback gave us some real food for thought.

It appears engagement could be better with around a third of respondents rating levels in their organisation as ‘medium’ or ‘low’. Only five per cent of respondents reported very high levels, so it’s clear that there’s a lot more to be done in many workplaces.

In answering this question ‘what’s the most important factor in winning the hearts and minds of your people?’ recognition and communication grabbed the top spots, with 45 per cent and 30 per cent of the vote respectively. Empowerment came third, with 15 per cent, and ‘sense of fun’ and ‘career path’ were jointly bottom with only five per cent.

Our panellists tackled subjects such as the role that happiness plays in the loyalty of colleagues, as well as its impact on productivity. Andrew Barry, Managing Director of Eurest and Laraine Kemp, Head of HR for Eurest came on-board, with special guest Daniel Kasmir, partner at the Global Growth Institute, giving his own expert opinions, too.

The event was an in-depth exploration of what makes us all ‘tick’ in the workplace and a valuable insight into giving and getting the very best for business. If you missed the webcast and would like to catch up, register here to watch it again.

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