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Space to grow trust

Eurest | Great price |  08 November 2016


For more than half a century man has been venturing to the stars, combining intrepid adventure with pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Every mission has been a mixture of scientific enquiry and more tests of man’s character in unforetold circumstances. And it looks like the latest International Space Station (ISS) assignment will be no different.

In March, US astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko set off for a 12-month tour of duty on the International Space Station, the longest continuous stay anyone has had aboard the 400km-high orbiting platform. Officially scientists will study the effects on the human body of living in microgravity for extended periods but unofficially the expedition will also put the two astronauts’ relationship under the microscope.

It’s an extreme situation where their lives will genuinely depend upon each other. They will need to foster a spirit of openness, displaying transparency, integrity and trust. Only by building such a strong relationship will they be able to work well together and make their mission thrive.

We believe the same values and ethos need to flourish in earth-bound business too, particularly in the area of finance. It’s financial intelligence really — charging a fair price for the best possible service and explaining the reasoning behind that price in an open way. We know that more business relationships break down — in every business sector — because of cost than any other reason and are determined that that won’t happen to our relationships.

We’re down to earth about our commitment to offer a great price. Take a look:

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