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Sport’s most unbreakable record

Eurest | Consistency |  19 April 2016


To break records you need a large dollop of consistency. So what does it take to set a record that stands for more than 70 years?

The record that could last forever

If there’s one thing to know about baseball, it’s that the sport loves its stats. Commentators rifle them off as each player steps out to bat. Who scored what, where and when — they know it all, and they love to see a record broken.

However, one baseball record might just last forever. Back in 1941 — in what has to be one of the greatest feats of consistency in sporting history — Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees managed a hitting-streak of 56 games.

A striking run of success

The hitting streak made Joe DiMaggio an instant legend — and a player every batter wants to be. So let’s put the record in context; it shows he made a safe hit (which means making it to first base) at least once every game for 56 games.

This might not sound that impressive, but with pitches reaching 90 mile per hour, it’s actually really hard to avoid striking out in baseball. And it’s even harder to do that consistently for 56 games — his nearest rival reached 44, so not even all that close.

Imagine such a thing happening on this side of the Atlantic. It would be kind of similar to a Premier League goalkeeper keeping a clean sheet for 56 games (which means not conceding a single goal for more than a whole season). And the current record for this actually stands at 14 games — making 56 seem like forever.

How we step up to the plate

Record-breaking consistency over a sustained period shows an immense amount of skill and dedication — the kind we see at places like the Fire Service College, where customers have given us 100 per cent satisfaction rating. And we’ve achieved this by focusing on training our people to the highest standards — making sure they can deliver a consistently great service for your business.

So whenever you need us, you can be sure of the same high-quality experience day-in, day-out. Put us up to bat and we’ll provide your organisation with a service that knocks it out of the park.

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