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Strictly come catering

Eurest | Great people |  04 January 2013




The final topped the ratings and the Christmas special was the cornerstone of Christmas Day scheduling. So why do we love it?

Is it the glitter, the costumes or the gentle jokes from long-timer Bruce Forsyth? Maybe it’s the frisson of excitement that comes from wondering whose routine will wow the judges — and who will make a mistake that will send them tumbling down the leader board?

It’s probably a combination too complex to tease apart completely, but what’s evident is that it’s the people who make Strictly. More than any other reality show, contestants on Strictly embrace the new discipline and strive to be the best they possibly can; they live the experience.

Look beyond the bright Lycra and dazzling fake tans and you’ll find the same values driving Eurest people in everything they do.

Let’s start with a willingness to go beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve more and do better. In Strictly it might be that lift you can’t guarantee will come off or that magnificent spin that doesn’t always end up where it should. For Eurest people it’s always looking for ways to improve what they do; searching out ways to bring innovation, new trends and fresh experiences into the day-to-day way of doing things; never standing still.

Then there’s the attitude — the enthusiasm and drive to keep building on what you do and what you know to be ever-better and reach new heights. Strictly contestants strive for the glitter-ball trophy; Eurest people want the highest possible levels of satisfaction from customers.

And it’s all topped-off with showmanship — finding the best ways to showcase your abilities to let your audience know what you can do. What Strictly does with a prime-time weekend TV show we intend to do with our new website, social channels and fresh ways of keeping in touch (like our e-newsletter). We’re proud to share what we do with you and hope you’ll find it useful.

So why not start by having a look around our website? You’ll have to imagine the glitter, but everything else is there...

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