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Sweet technology — literally

Eurest | Great food |  01 December 2016

Girl eating a slice of chocolate cake

Here's a problem you’ll be familiar with: your favourite treats often aren't that good for you. But a new technology is about to change that…

Tuck in

Imagine digging into your favourite dessert. But as the first mouthful hits the tip of your tongue, you get a nasty surprise — it's been made with no sugar whatsoever. Yuck.

Sure, the dessert in question would be far healthier, but cauliflower is healthy too, and you wouldn’t want to eat that for pudding.

It’s a conundrum that we all face — sugar (and salt, for that matter) makes food tasty, but it’s certainly not good for you in any large amount. Obviously the best course of action is to eat a balanced diet, with sugary desserts as a treat.

But wait, what if you could get the best of both words? What if you could have your cake AND eat it?

Sweeten the deal

The answer to these questions lies in technology. There’s a device under development, which will actually change how food tastes, as you eat it.

Developed by scientists at the University of London, the technology is called the Taste Buddy. It works by using a low-level electrical current to stimulate your taste buds. And, in doing this, the Taste Buddy can make you taste flavours that aren’t actually present.

The device is so small that it can fit onto a spoon or fork, so you could feasibly eat a piece of chocolate cake that has no sugar in it whatsoever, and still feel like you’ve treated yourself to a guilty pleasure.

A future full of flavours

Currently, the scientists have only managed to emulate sweet and salty sensations. But they’re confident that, in the future, they’ll be able to create entire flavours using the device.

This is where we get into Willy Wonka territory. Imagine eating a bowl of plain porridge but it tastes like the finest caviar — not that you’re likely to want to eat an entire bowl of caviar. Or adding expensive spices, like saffron, to foods, without the need to spend any money. Your imagination really could run wild.

A health revolution

We think the device is impressive enough as it is, and an innovative way to turn any food into great food — without adding unhealthy ingredients.

The idea resonates with our passion for great food, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for the Taste Buddy’s arrival.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to do what we’re famous for — letting our fantastic chefs come up with delicious, healthy meals for you to enjoy. It’s worked for us so far, and we’re confident it’ll continue to work into the future.

Tasty technology is a fantastic idea, but we don't need it to create great food.

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