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Take out and take off in the morning

Eurest | Great service |  11 March 2014

boiled egg

Getting your day going can be as finely-timed and planned as the countdown to a space launch; have you got keys, laptop, phone, cash? Grabbed an umbrella? Remembered your meeting notes?

Unfortunately, your on-schedule start, more often than not, comes at the expense of making time for breakfast. And even if you do manage it, breakfast at home is likely to be a sorry slice of toast chewed on the move or a gulped bowl of cereal eaten standing up. The ‘golden’ days when breakfast was a leisurely start with several courses finished off with a relaxing coffee have long gone. 

Or have they? The latest research shows that there’s been a sharp increase in the number of people buying breakfast on the go: during 2012 the number of out-of-home breakfast occasions surged by over eight per cent to 1.14 billion (Bacon, 2013). So, yes, people are skipping breakfast at home, but they’re still making time for this important meal in their day. 

And as demand for out-of-home breakfast grows so too does the array of tempting choices available to help you get your day off to a good start: breakfast will be big in 2014, offering something for everyone. From piping hot oatmeal topped with a swirl of honey to a deliciously-flaky croissant warm from the oven, through to the traditional full English — the best of breakfast (possibly even better than you would make at home?) is ready for you as you make your way to your desk. 

Breakfast on the go can make nutritional sense too. The Department of Health and health professionals recommend having something starchy like bread or cereals with some fruit (in fresh, juice or smoothie form) to start the day and yet many of us don’t feel ready to tackle a proper meal until we’ve got going a bit (Food Standards Agency). Postponing breakfast until after the rush to get out of the house can mean we eat better and make smarter choices beyond a hurried cup of coffee, choices that will set us up for a productive day. 

At Eurest we recognise how important a meal breakfast is and are ready to help get your day off to a good start. Watch out for our new takes on breakfast coming to a workplace restaurant near you...

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