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The €100,000 misunderstanding

Eurest | Being safe |  16 February 2017

A computer mouse on top of a sheet of music.

When a 12-year-old Spanish boy set up a Google AdWords account, he thought it'd make money for his brass band. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Money problems

Mums and dads today face a problem that their parents never had to contend with — teaching children how not to spend money online.

Unfortunately, it’s a lesson that the parents of Jose Javier from Torrevieja, Spain, must have skipped.

Advertising gone wrong

Twelve-year-old Jose was a keen member of his local brass band, but there was a problem — the band didn’t have enough money to buy the instruments it needed. So Jose stepped up to save the day.

Using the details of a savings account set up in his name, Jose opened a Google AdWords account to raise money for the band. If Jose were trying to advertise a concert or a fundraising effort for the band, then maybe this would’ve worked.

But Jose made one big mistake. He started to click on his own ad, believing that each click would earn him money. How wrong he was.

Whatever you say about Jose, you can’t say that he wasn’t dedicated. He clicked his own ad enough times to rack up a €100,000 bill from Google. Probably more cash than most 12-year-olds have hanging around.

A happy ending

Luckily for Jose (and his parents), Google saw what had happened and let Jose off.

This story just goes to show how simple misunderstandings can lead to major problems.

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