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The art of deduction

Eurest | Great price |  09 June 2016


We bet you witnessed at least a small part of the hubbub about a certain mathematical conundrum posed by a Singaporean TV presenter…

Aimed at children in secondary school it stumped thousands — of all ages, and all the way around the world. It’s a question of logic, asking readers to determine the birthday of a girl using the clues she gives to her friends. If you fancy giving it a go, try out the question for yourself. But be warned — it could take up your whole lunch break.

The answer should be clear using simple deduction, something we’re all capable of… in theory. In reality, while it’s undoubtedly logical, it’s anything but simple. Unfortunately, something rational isn’t always something clear. If the girl in question really wanted to maximise her chance of getting a pile of gifts from her friends, she could have just given them the date. Or spelled it out in an invitation… That would have saved us all a maths-induced headache.

Clarity in communication is important — especially when you’re talking numbers. Openness, clarity and transparency are our watchwords when we’re dealing with price and cost efficiency. In fact, they’re the three principles that make up the building blocks of all our relationships.

If you’re doing business with us we want you to know that you’ll get the best possible combination of quality, service and price; so we’ll be clear in everything we say.

Now that’s logical.

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