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The art of letting go

Eurest | Consistency |  17 July 2014

The art of letting go

It’s difficult, letting go. A meaningful relationship takes hard work, investment, and it can come as a shock when a break-up comes out of the blue. Relationships can give you a sense of comfort, identity and belonging — when they go it can leave you feeling a little lost at sea. 

So we have some idea how huge numbers of people are feeling after finding out that their trusted partner in household DIY has reached the end of its shelf life…

Yes, you may have heard the news: IKEA is discontinuing the Expedit shelving unit. 

Some have loved it for its versatility and some for its stark utilitarian appearance. For many it’s the only way to show off a vinyl collection of heroic proportions. The Expedit ticked a lot of boxes for a lot of people and they came to trust it, building homes and music archives around it. Characterised by its simple functionality, it became an icon in its own right. 

IKEA has announced it will be replaced by a younger model — the Kallax: a storage system with the same internal dimensions, the same fixtures and the same basic appearance. The differences are in the detail: the Kallax will have a streamlined appearance that uses less wood, making it more economical and ecologically viable. Plus, bevelled edges will make it more child-friendly. 

You may think that innovation and evolution can only be a good thing, but across the internet the reaction has been one of utter dismay. Social networkers have formed groups and shared images of their own units in all possible configurations, displaying an incredible variety of possessions. It might be puzzling to think that replacing a simple storage unit with one that is remarkably similar has sparked grief on such global scale, but the message is clear: people like consistency. 

At Eurest, we know the real art of letting go is knowing what to hold on to. 

Your people deserve a service that is consistent in its excellence — and that is exactly what we deliver. We’ve crafted every aspect of our operational excellence strategy to make sure you’re completely satisfied. We’re committed to delivering a great experience every time: great food using seasonal and regional flavours combined with a friendly and efficient service that you can rely on.

And this commitment has an unlimited shelf life.

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